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  • Food Tray

Food Tray

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Code Item Dimension Details
PaFT4 PaFT4 Food Tray 151 X 105 X 43mm 400pcs Add
PaFT2 Food Tray PaFT2 Food Tray 150 X 115 X 48mm 400pcs Add
PaFT3A PaFT3A Food Tray 180 X 120 X 50mm 400pcs Add
PaFT24 Food Tray PaFT24 Snack Tray 100 X 60 X 35mm 2000pcs Add
PaFT47 Food Tray PaFT47 Paper Boat Tray 174 X 106 X 35mm 600pcs Add
PaFT64 Food Tray PaFT64 Small Boat Tray 154 X 96 X 38mm 800pcs Add
PAFT85 PAFT85 Medium Boat Tray 198 X 125 X 40mm 800pcs Add
PAFT96 PAFT96 Large Boat Tray 225 X 150 X 50mm 600pcs Add
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