• Food Box

Food Box

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Code Item Dimension Details
PP-HB8 Food Box PP-HB8 PP Small Burger Box 115 X 115 X 55mm 1000pcs Add
PP-SEA1 Food Box PP-SEA1 Small PP Food Box 177 X 112 X 45mm 600pcs Add
PP-OKID2 Food Box PP-OKID2 Medium PP Food Box 180 X 126 X 56mm 600pcs Add
PP-SEA2 Food Box PP-SEA2 Medium PP Food Box 180 X 130 X 60mm 600pcs Add
PP-OKID3 Food Box PP-OKID3 Large PP Food Box 170 X 170 X 60mm 300pcs Add
PP-OKID3C Food Box PP-OKID3C Large PP 3-Compartment Food Box 210 X 170 X 60mm 300pcs Add
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