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Code Item Dimension Details
PET-SEA525 Tray PET-SEA525 PET Tray 245 X 100 X 20mm 1200pcs Add
PET-CP1225 PET-CP1225 PET Tray 195 X 120 X 23mm 1200pcs Add
PET-CP1525 PET-CP1525 PET Tray 195 X 145 X 23mm 1200pcs Add
PET-ET4 PET-ET4 PET Tray 130 X 130 X 18mm TBC Add
PET-ET6 PET-ET6 PET Tray 159 X 92 X 18mm TBC Add
PET-ET14 PET-ET14 PET Tray 190 X 120 X 18mm TBC Add
PET-ET2 PET-ET2 PET Tray 195 X 105 X 18mm TBC Add
PET-ET28 PET-ET28 PET Tray 250 X 138 X 24mm TBC Add
PET-ET25 PET-ET25 PET Tray 148 X 118 X 30mm TBC Add
PET-ET35 PET-ET35 PET Tray 222 X 132 X 43mm TBC Add
PET-ET18 PET-ET18 PET Tray 223 X 162 X 39mm TBC Add
PET-BX-VF4 PET-BX-VF4 PET Tray 145 X 145 X 30mm TBC Add
PP-FT-2C8109 PP-FT-2C8109 2 Cavity PP Tray 220 X 100 X 45mm 1000pcs Add
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