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Code Item Dimension Details
FK5-1000 FK5-1000 5 inch Dessert Fork 5 inch 1000pcs Add
TP5-1000 TP5-1000 5 inch Plastic Tea Spoon 5 inch 1000pcs Add
STR5(BK) STR5(BK) 5 inch Plastic Stirrer, Black 5 inch 4000pcs Add
CSP5H CSP5H 5 inch Chinese Spoon 5 inch 2000pcs Add
SH5H SH5H 5 inch Shanghai Spoon 5 inch 3000pcs Add
FK675(BK) FK675(BK) 6.75 inch Plastic Fork, Black 6.75 inch 2000pcs Add
SP675(BK) SP675(BK) 6.75 inch Plastic Spoon, Black 6.75 inch 2000pcs Add
KN675(BK) KN675(BK) 6.75 inch Plastic Knife, Black 6.75 inch 2000pcs Add
FK7 FK7 7 inch Fork 7 inch 2000pcs Add
SP7 SP7 7 inch Spoon 7 inch 2000pcs Add
KN7 KN7 7 inch Plastic Knife 7 inch 2000pcs Add
BSP(BK) BSP(BK) Plastic Big Spoon, Black (20 x 100pcs) 2000pcs Add
SP60 SP60 Sauce Plate (60mm Dia) 60mm 2000pcs Add
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