• Bagasse Plate

Bagasse Plate

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Code Item Dimension Details
B-P004 Bagasse Plate B-P004 Bagasse 6 inch Plate 6 inch 1000pcs Add
B-P011 Bagasse Plate B-P011 Bagasse 7 inch Plate 7 inch 1000pcs Add
B-P013M Bagasse Plate B-P013M Bagasse 9 inch Plate With Emboss 9 inch 400pcs Add
B-P013 Bagasse Plate B-P013 Bagasse 9 inch Plate 9 inch 500pcs Add
B-P005 Bagasse Plate B-P005 Bagasse 10 inch Plate 10 inch 500pcs Add
B-P037 Bagasse Plate B-P037 Rectangular Plate 10 inch x 5 inch 500pcs Add
B-P036 Bagasse Plate B-P036 6 inch Square Plate 6 inch x 6 inch 500pcs Add
B-P035 Bagasse Plate B-P035 8 inch Square Plate 8 inch x 8 inch 500pcs Add
B-P031 Bagasse Plate B-P031 10 inch Square Plate 10 inch x 10 inch 500pcs Add
B-P020 Bagasse Plate B-P020 Oval Plate 10 inch x 8 inch 500pcs Add
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